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All You Need To Know About Arundhati Vashishtha

Story behind Arundhati Vashishtha Sage Vashishtha was one of the saptharishis (seven sages), he had a wife called Arundhati. She was known for her blind loyalty and devotion towards her husband. The scene where we see this unflickering loyalty was… Continue Reading →

Value Of Pi In Krishna Stuthi | How It Came Into Existence

The knowledge of science and technology is stored in Vedas, various scriptures and wall paintings spread across India is immense.  It is now an open secret that how our knowledge about our surroundings and space and technology was far more… Continue Reading →

21st June – International Yoga Day

11 December 2014 was a historic day in the field of yoga. On this day 193 members of the United Nations General Assembly unanimously passed a resolution which established 21st June of every year as the International Day of Yoga. … Continue Reading →

Significance Of The Number 108 | The Legend Behind It

Religions are often very closely connected to numbers in many ways. Numbers are important in many aspects, at times they are directly related to how we celebrate different festivals and in some cases how the religion practices, rituals revolve around… Continue Reading →

10 Tips For Geopathic Stress Removal

10 Do-It-Yourself Tips for Geopathic Stress Removal | How to Identify & Shield Yourself from Geopathic Stress Worried about how to resolve Geopathic Stress? Consult our Geopathy Expert Deepak Saini. With more than 200 positive reviews in Delhi, NCR. Deepak… Continue Reading →

Geopathic Stress | Common Signs Of Geopathic Stress

What Is Geopathic Stress? Geopathic stress is a very new concept which has recently received a lot of attention in the recent past. It covers the relationship between earth energies and people’s well­-being. The term “Geo” means “Earth” or in… Continue Reading →

70th Republic Day: Our Nation’s Pride

Republic Day: Our Nation’s Pride Back on 26 January 1950, a lot was happening in the nation. Events, which set the roots of present India, took place. On 26th January 1950 after 2 years, 11 months and 18 days of… Continue Reading →

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