Diseases Caused By Sinful Deeds

1) T.B. – Killing of a Brahmin for the fault of somebody else, enemity to elders and teachers, sexual intercourse at the time of eclipses etc., leads to T.B. The remedy is japes and reciting of ‘Shiva Sahasranama’ and Rudra Sukta’. Havan with mantras relating to Agni and Moon are beneficial.

2) Diseases of the mouth – To cut lips of another person, break his teeth or cut his tongue, to disobey the preceptor, to speak harshly, to speak lies, and to give false evidence are the causes for the diseases of the mouth. The remedies are ‘Kushmanda’ havan, japes of Gayatri mantra and giving away in charity herbs, gold and grains.

3) Piles – Theft of the wealth of Brahmins, learned men and the blind, intercourse with the wife at the time of eclipse etc., and lolling of animals lead to the disease of piles. The remedy is to give gold and cow in charity.

(4) Eye diseases – Ungratefulness, casting lusty glances on other women and causing harm to the eyes of others, have been stated as the causes of eye troubles. Remedies are – giving in charity of moonga, rice, milk, ghee and the performance of `Ambaka Rakshakanu’ havan. The cause of night blindness is causing harm to the eyes of cows. Remedy is-giving in charity of the idol of Lord Krishna.

5) Ear trouble – Back-biting, harming the ears of others, ausing much obstructions in the actions of others, are stated to be the causes for ear trouble. Remedies are – giving in charity of gold, grains, land and blankets and the recitation of vedic mantras in praise of the Sun.

6) Tongue trouble – Disrespectful speech before the preceptors, causing sorrow to others through lies, and to cut off the tongue of others are stated to be the causes for tongue trouble. The remedies are giving away in charity herbs and food articles, performance of ‘Kushmanda’ havan, japes of mantras of Rahu and japa of Sukta called ‘Dhanesnnadana’.

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