Perfect Lines for Perfect Partner?

Seeing our parents, all of us at some point or another have had this fantasy of a perfect wedding with this ideal life partner who will love and support us at every step in life. And in search of this ideal life partner we all have secretly done a lot of things, some of it though had some Astrological significance such as joining our palms to see if our heart lines made the perfect semi circle. And if the answer was yes, well then get ready for early morning surprises from your perfect partner but if the heart lines don’t match you might have to make some adjustments.

It’s funny that we call these line heart lines when they have nothing to do with your heart but everything to do with your romantic nature. These lines can tell how many relationships you will have and about your life partner, what do you expect and how your relationship with your spouse will be! By reading the length and texture of your lines palmists can answer all such question.

What does perfect semi circle signify?

You’re among the few lucky one’s if your heart lines match perfectly i.e. the lines are of the same height. It depicts that you have a calm and nurturing personality and that your relationship with your partner will be very understanding. Your family will welcome your spouse with much warmth and affection. Also you and your partner both will make great parents.

What if the lines don’t match?

If your heart line in left palm is higher than the lines in right palm, it indicates that you are most independent and assertive in a relationship. You are less likely to go around in search of true love. You enjoy challenges and don’t believe in the idea of finding happiness and completeness in your partner. In fact you don’t even believe that it is necessary for one to have a partner in life. Although if you do fall for someone and enter into a relationship, you will try your level best to make it a healthy and strong one. Such kind of people are usually good looking and tend to fall for younger partners.

However if your heart line in right palm is higher than the lines in left palm, such combination signifies that you are a person with a good heart, a true lover. You tend to be drawn towards old and troubled souls, ones whom the society has a trouble accepting for various reasons be it caste, creed, religion, gender or background. You do not care what the society thinks and follow what your heart says, hence not conservative by nature. You are wise beyond your years and like to live life on your terms irrespective of what others say. Such behavior can be useful as well as dangerous when it comes to relationships. Your partner seems to think of you as a mature and sensible person thereby involving you in all the decisions big or small.

Learning about what these symbols and indications mean is a small step towards understanding Astrology. One can do that for enhanced self awareness or simply for fun, there’s sure to be a palm reader nearby and if not there’s always Religiouskart to help you out.

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