10 Do-It-Yourself Tips for Geopathic Stress Removal | How to Identify & Shield Yourself from Geopathic Stress

Worried about how to resolve Geopathic Stress? Consult our Geopathy Expert Deepak Saini.

Geopathic Stress
With more than 200 positive reviews in Delhi, NCR. Deepak Saini is known for his precise analysis of people who are suffering from the stress.

Here are some tips that will help in Geopathic Stress Removal:

  1. Look out for signs of GS in your locality.
    How healthy is the vegetation? Do you need pest control very often? If you find something not in place then consider some remedy.Geopathic Stress Removal
  2. Before constructing your new home look out for damaged trees, ant hills, and wetland.
    This is often an indication for earth anomalies and fault lines. If possible , move the planned house to another part of the property.
  3. If Sleeping Problems occur,
    such as difficulty to fall asleep or waking up around 3 am (when Geopathic Stress has its strongest intensity) consider sleeping in a different room for a while.
    insomnia with clock in the night. woman can not sleep.
  4. Observe your PETS.
    Cats are often attracted to Geopathic Stress whereas dogs avoid such. If your cat loves your bed, at least be suspicious and check for yourself.
  5. If there is a History of CANCER
    in your family or in the house you are living in. Ask about the pre-owners before you sign the contract for a new home: Why did they move out? Were there cases of illness among former inhabitants? In this case, we strongly recommend getting your home checked in detail by a knowledgeable dowser.
    Geopathic Stress Removal
  6. Water in Basements
    often shows a generally high water table and possible underground water veins.
    Water in basement
  7. Fine woven Chinese or Arabian carpets reduce geopathic stress.
    Sometimes it needs a second or even a third layer, but this is a natural way to shield a possible charge.
  8. Get rid of other sources of Electromagnetic Pollution.
    For instance, get rid of unneeded appliances. If you can’t, keep them unplugged when not in use.
  9. Rearrange your living space. You may be unknowingly exposing yourself to geopathic stress. There may be a disturbance underneath your bed, your dining room table, your bathtub, or your favourite chair.
    Identifying disturbances
  10. Use Feng Shui to enhance your rearranging. The traditional Chinese art of Feng Shui studies the interaction of humans with their environment.

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