Life is full of stress. From a student to a hi-profile professional; from a house-wife to a well-placed businessman. With cut throat competition/targets to be achieved/exams and competitions to be passed. Everybody is running a race, harassed and stressed.

Go through the following questions to find out if you are stressed.

  1. Do you often feel frustrated or irritable?
  2. Do you feel short of breath?
  3. Do you have scraps/fights with your colleagues/spouse?
  4. Do you have problems sleeping?
  5. If you are married, do you feel lack of interest in sex?
  6. Do you smoke/drink excessively?
  7. Are you competitive and aggressive?
  8. Do you have tense muscles, or recurrent headaches?
  9. Do you have a dry mouth and sweaty palms?
  10. Do you worry about the little events of the day, and are unable to shut off your mind?
  11. Do you eat quickly?
  12. Do you feel constantly tired?

If the answer to 2 or more questions is yes, then you are definitely under stress.

You need the help of some professional to de-stress you. Otherwise you are heading for some serious physical or psychological ailments.


Migraine, heart palpitation, acidity, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes are some of the physical ailments. Lack of interest, lack of concentration, phobias and depression – are the psychological problems which are the direct resultant of stress.

Since stress leads to dreary state, it has to be fixed before it is too late. It is advisable to take professional help of a counselor.

What needs to be done?

The physical and psychological resources have to be built.

For physical resources – the counselor will be chalking out right physical exercises/yoga asanas maintaining the ideal weight; weaning out smoking/nicotine, stimulants etc.

For relaxation of body, personalized stretching exercise, yoga and pranayam will be advised.

Psychological or emotional stress has to be addressed very precisely and efficiently before the person gets into depression.

To maintain the emotional/psychological resources, the person has to be guided to develop mutually supportive partnership or relationships. He should pursue realistic goals, expect some frustrations, failures and sorrows and let go. The person has to be taught some techniques of meditation to keep himself calm and composed; to come out of depression. Alongwith meditation the person will be guided to cultivate some hobby, have a positive attitude, an attitude of letting go. Time Management skill also has to be taken care of.

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