What Is Shivling | It’s Significance | Why We Worship It

What is Shivling, and Why we worship it Shivling or Shiva Linga, in the Hindu scripture of Shiv Purana has been described as beginning less and endless cosmic pillar of the fire, is originally the cause of all the causes…. Continue Reading →

Vaishno Devi: Legend Behind it | Significance of the Yatra

ABOUT One of the oldest pilgrimage spots in the country, set amidst the beautiful hills and valleys of Jammu and Kashmir is the Vaishno Devi Temple, about 12 kilometers away from Katra. It is one of the major temples in… Continue Reading →

Unknown facts about Rudraksha you didn’t know!

WHAT IS A RUDRAKSHA? Rudraksha means “the one that is capable of looking at and doing everything. Rudraksha is a Sanskrit word made up of “Rudra”, which means “Shiva” and “Aksha”, which means “Tears”, summing up to ‘the tears of… Continue Reading →

Faith is like WiFi

“SOMETIMES YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT GOD IS DOING FOR YOU BUT YOU JUST NEED TO TRUST AND CONNECT WITH HIM.” You are unknowingly being protected at every step of your life, your faith in the almighty takes you to… Continue Reading →

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