Solar Eclipse: 21st August 2017

During the time of Samudra Manthan, after the distribution of everything the Gods decided not to provide the elixir (divine drink- Amrit) into the hands of Demons. To accomplish this Lord Vishnu incarnated as a beautiful lady, Mohini and started to distribute the elixir to Gods while some ordinary drink to Demons. Swarbhanu, one of the demons faked himself as a God and sat between Surya and Chandra as he understood the Vishnu’s trick. As this pretense got uncovered, Surya told Vishnu and he immediately cut off the Demon’s head. Since then the head part came to be known as Rahu and the tail as Ketu.

As the Surya exposed the demon leading to his death thus, it is believed that Rahu and Ketu swallow the sun resulting in Surya Grahan. Apart from the mythological story, scientifically on Solar Eclipse, the moon comes in between the sun and the earth. The second Surya Grahan will fall on 21st August 2017. Similar to the first Surya Grahan, this also will not be visible in India.

It will be visible in South America Northern Pacific region, Antarctica and Northern and Southern America. The time will be from 21:16 to 2:34. Generally, people chant Surya mantra and Maha Mrityunjaya mantra to purify and strengthen the body, spirit and soul. Some precautions should be considered during Solar Eclipse like avoid drink and food, should not start any holy work, avoid pooja or touching of idols, should take bath etc.

‘Om Adityay Vidmahe Divakaraye Dheemahi Tanno Suryah Prachodayat’

Especially, the pregnant women should be very careful as the period is considered most dangerous. She should stay indoors, awake during Grahan, should not cut vegetables or perform peeling, apply cow dung on the stomach etc. Also, people should be aware of the sutak period of Surya Grahan as it can lead to unfavorable consequences. It is usually observed 12 hours before the Solar Eclipse.


People should do Charity and donate grains, clothes or money. Preach Lord Shiva as His temples remains open because He symbolizes darkness. Thus, Solar Eclipse of 21st August 2017 will produce no harm or negative effects as it will not be visible.