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Which form of Lakshmi you should worship this Diwali??

In Hinduism, Diwali is celebrated as the Festival of wealth, fortune, and luck. Being the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi is the most favored deity, especially during Diwali. But did you know? There are eight forms of wealth mentioned in the Shastras and for each type of wealth, a different type of Lakshmi is worshiped.


There are eight forms of Maa Lakshmi:

Adi Lakshmi or MahaLakshmi: Adi means eternal. This form of Lakshmi signifies eternal pleasure and wealth. You must worship this form if you wish to attain maximum satisfaction and pleasure in life.

Gaja Lakshmi: Gaja means elephant. Elephant symbolizes the innate quality of royalty. Maa Lakshmi has an elephant as her mount. Worshipping this type of Lakshmi brings royalty and luxuries in one’s life. In order to achieve a life full of luxury and happiness, you should perform dedicated puja of this form of the Goddess.

Dhana Lakshmi: Dhan means money. This form of Goddess Lakshmi is known for the usual form of wealth that most people desire for.  The Goddess fills the lives of her devotees your life with all the great riches and wealth.

Vijaya Lakshmi: When an individual’s life is full of misery and difficulties, worshipping this form of Lakshmi can help you. Maa Lakshmi makes you secure and protects its devotees from all the enemies. Offering prayers to the Goddess before business meetings and exams will make your endeavors successful.

Dhairya Lakshmi: Dhairya means Patience. In order to gain maximum wealth patience has to be observed. Patience is considered as a form of wealth in Hinduism and if you lack this quality, then this Diwali pray to Dhairya Lakshmi, most importantly if you are facing a crisis in your life.

Dhanya Lakshmi: Dhanya literally means grains. The Goddess is worshiped for good harvest so that the crop yields good results.  If you are involved in such a business, then one should worship the Goddess of Plenty.

Santana Lakshmi: This form of Maa Lakshmi is worshiped by people who suffer from the problem of Progeny.  If you are suffering from this problem offer prayers to the Goddess and she will fulfill all your wishes.  

Veera Lakshmi: The Goddess of Plenty also symbolizes courage and strength and gives the ability to withstand all atrocities in difficult times of one’s life.  If you lack confidence and get nervous then offer prayers to the Goddess of Courage and Valour for she fulfills the wishes of her devotees who worship her with full dedication.



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