Planets and Diseases associated with them

A planet, an ailment!

‘Health is wealth.’ A sound health is incredibly constructive to lead a happy life. The consideration of long life stands as the elemental one in Astrology. The Sun and the Moon and the Ascendants are the three vitals centres; if these three aspects are strong, then it denotes a healthy and a long life. Any plane most elevated in the horoscope i.e. the ruler of the horoscope has much to do with the long and a healthy life. If a planet is in the benefice house and receiving beneficial aspects, it certainly promotes longevity and if it is malefic with good aspects, even then life is indicated.

An indication of the disease in astrology can be studied from the 6th house and its karaka of the respective position of the planets. Saturn also denotes the disease. A detailed study of a person horoscope can be very helpful in finding the planets that can affect the body most, and can be easy to find out the near possible dangers. Medical astrology is one of the most crucial studies in astrology that has solved many serious and incurable disease by proper astrological remedies associated with the planets and the gems therapy.

The 6th house denotes illness; hence the planet in it and the sign on the 6th and its lord illustrate the character of the ailments. The 8th house, and the planets within, and the aspects to them, and the degree of the 8th decide the character of the disease and its worries that kill the subject at the end. The parts of the body governed by the signs and the planets are likely to be affected.

every PLANET indicates a DISEASE


Each planet denotes disease. Likewise, the nine planets and the disease can be classified under as follows- Sun indicates eye problems, heart problems, fevers, deprived digestion and mental tensions. Sun affects our body a lot and Moon affects our mind and causes mental depression and mental diseases. These planets if weak can cause certain disease.



·         High temperature, incurable fever, heart disease, excess hunger and dehydration.



·         Insomnia, weak eyesight, mental disease, cough, breast and womb affected. Afflicted Moon can also cause sleeplessness, lack of intelligence, asthma, cough and vomiting and serious mental disorders.



·         Weak nerves, excessive hormones, scars, wounds, impotency, backbone problems and defective genitals. Afflicted Mercury is responsible for giving the problems related to the karaka planets. It can also give problems related to chest and lungs. A person may also suffer from dizziness and seizure.



·         An excess fat, cold and cough, phlegm, liver problem, gas and cancer diseases are related to afflict Jupiter. Jupiter is the karaka of thighs and a weak Jupiter can give eye problems and very weak lings. If it is combusted in the horoscope, then a native may suffer from chronic cold and cough.



·         Sexual disease, skin problems, eyesight, diabetes, weak kidneys, and tonsils are due to weak placement of Venus in the birth chart. The native may suffer from the disease in the Venus dasha and antardasha. Afflicted Venus also gives eye disorders, syphilis, sexual disorders and blood loss.



·         Anaemia, cold, cough, breathing problems, loss of weight, constipation and weak joints due to ill placement of Saturn in a horoscope. Afflicted Saturn in the horoscope gives health related problem of Karaka element. The afflicted Saturn also causes deafness, blindness and paralysis.



·         Wounds, scars, defective genitals, muscular pains and all blood related- problems.



·         It is the Karaka of legs, neck and lungs. Afflicted Rahu can cause cataract, weak spleen and lungs problems.



·         It is the karaka of the abdomen and the claws. This mysterious shadowy planet can cause intestinal problems, ear disorders, stomach pain and physical weakness. Sometimes it can cause disease, root cause is very difficult to find out and the diagnosis becomes impossible.



·         If Moon is afflicted with Saturn can cause mental depression, harsh speech and bad choice in the life. Moon is a very vital planet that rules the mind. If it is afflicted by Mars, then it can cause fertility disease and menstrual problem in women, violent nature and stupidity. If it is afflicted by Sun, then can cause mental illness, inability to take a decision and lack of self-respect and if afflicted by the shadowy planet, Rahu and Ketu, it causes detachment from the social world.



THE HIDDEN truth concerning THE HUMAN BODY


·         As the horoscope has twelve houses, therefore the human body is differentiated into 12 slices. It starts from head to toe with Aries at the top and Pisces at the bottom. The hidden truths about the human body and the onset of disease can be easily by Medical astrology. For example in Medical astrology, the when the lords of the 6th, 8th and 12th are in benefic houses and when strong, it denotes longevity. According to Medical Astrology, the Lord of the 8th weak and afflicted and occupying the 1st house denotes short life If malefic more elevated than benefic and especially the latter between the 4th and the 7th houses is an indication of short life.



·         When Moon is in the 8th house from lagna and if there is a malefic in the 8th house from Moon, then longevity is said to be decreased. There are certain harmful diseases for longevity. The 2nd and 7th houses are mentioned in the Hindu Astrology as bad houses in this respect since they are the 8th and the 12th houses counted from the 8th bhava i.e the house of death.