Raksha Bandhan- An Eternal Bond Of Protection

Raksha Bandhan is observed as the most secular festival of India as it is celebrated by various states and communities. It is a Hindu festival which celebrates the love and bond between brothers and sisters. The literal meaning of the… Continue Reading →

Hanuman Jayanti Puja Date, Differs In Every State

Lord Hanuman is known by various names by his devotees like Bajrangbali, Mahavir, Sankat Mochan, Maruti, Anjaneya, Rudra and so on. The date for Hanuman Jayanti Puja in 2019 is on 19th April. But the date and name vary according to the… Continue Reading →

Value Of Pi In Krishna Stuthi | How It Came Into Existence

The knowledge of science and technology is stored in Vedas, various scriptures and wall paintings spread across India is immense.  It is now an open secret that how our knowledge about our surroundings and space and technology was far more… Continue Reading →

Myths around Mangal Dosha : Decoded

What is Mangal Dosha? The planet Mars symbolizes immense courage, energy, willpower and self confidence, ego and quick actions.  It is known as Mangal in Hindi.  The subject plays a vital role in Astrology. The placement of this planet is… Continue Reading →

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