All those who claim to have a knowledge of Vastu Shastra, must have atleast a basic knowledge of Vedic Astrology. Vastu Shastra as a science can be well understood only by a learned Astrologer.
Vastu science is on heavenly bodies, solar system, the impact of all the planets, their basic properties, their significance etc. Just as the Sun is the Lord of East, all the other planets have their powers in their own respective directions. Moreover, every planet symbolises something specific as per its nature  and characteristic. So a thorough or a deep knowledge of Vedic Astrology is mandatory; without that the Vastu expert may have the body of this science but missing the soul of Vastu Shastra.
When you are thinking of, or applying the Vastu principle for a particular residential premise, or a commercial premise, a factory or a working place ,you have to first know who is the owner, what is the purpose of the building, who will be using that etc. The horoscope of the owner has to be first analysed properly. The strong and weak planets to be noted. The dasas etc has to be taken care of also. The expert will ensure that he gets the blessings of his favourable planets.The remedies if any for the negative planets also has to be taken care of.
The general rules of Vastu Shastra has to be properly assimilated with the beneficiaries or the specific owner. If the owner enjoys the blessings of a Raj Yoga Karaka Saturn, then the West direction fructifies his efforts and bring him prosperity. In the present state of affairs, whenever a client comes to the Expert, he has limited options, either he comes with an already built Apartment or a shop with a particular side open etc.
The client cannot just demolish or do major changes/ he cannot sell off the shop or premise altogether. Here a Vastu expert has to have a keen insight into this science and help the person to get the best out of what he has. A keen versatile knowledgeable vastu expert is indeed a blessing !
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