Diwali 2018

diwali 2018

Diwali or Deepavali is a festival of diya and lighting, home decoration, shopping, fireworks, puja, gifts, feast and sweets. It is a popular and important Hindu festival celebrated in almost every corner of India with much enthusiasm. Celebration of this festival varies from region-to-region, generally starts with Danteras followed by Naraka Chaturdasi, Lakshmi Puja, Diwali Padva and ends with Bhai Dhooj. This lighting festival is also welcomed by foreign countries like Australia, Fiji, Malaysia and the like. In northern India, Diwali is acknowledged with the return of Lord Rama, his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana from exile of 14 years after defeating Ravana. In southern part, it is acknowledged with the defeat of demon Narakasura by Lord Krishna. This year Diwali will be celebrated on 7th November.

Diwali symbolizes the victory of right over wrong, light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair. It also represents the importance of knowledge, self-inquiry, self-improvement and seeking the right path. It is celebrated on the new moon night i.e; at the start of the month of Kartika.



1.    On the first day of Diwali, people clean their house, surroundings, office and buy kitchen utensils. God of Health, Dhanvantari and the God of Assets and Wealth, Kubera are worshiped. Homes are accessorized with colourful rangolis.

2.    The second day is celebrated as ‘Choti Diwali’. People in many regions takes special oil bath.

3.    The third day is the main day when all the family members collectively worship Goddess Lakshmi using various mantras followed by mouth-watering feasts and firework festivities. People lit diyas all over their house.

4.    During the fourth day relatives and friends exchange gifts, sweets and wishes. It also recognizes love and devotion between wife and husband.

5.    Last day symbolizes the bond between brother and sister where brothers visit their married sister’s house to offer her gifts.


1.    If a person’s business is not progressing, chant mantra ‘Om Hun’ for 1008 times and write it on a piece of copper, make a hole in it and tie it on the entrance of your workplace.

2.    Several Red and Black Chimri Beads can be used for bringing peace to your home.

3.    Ganesha and Lakshmi Yantra is installed to bring wealth and prosperity to your home.

4.    Mahalaxmi and Shri Sukta Yantra Puja is done by chanting ‘OM SHREEM HREEM SHREEM MAHALAKSHMYE NAMHA’ 108 times for well-being.


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