Energised Parad Shivling

ENERGISED PARAD SHIVLING – Vedas, through its sacred texts preaches that Parad is a very auspicious metal. Parad means mercury has many health benefits for a human body.
It is said that, if you were a devotee of Lord Shiva then praying upon a Parad Shivling would get you enormous amount of success and prosperity in your life. Our sacred scriptures also instructs that if you want to worship through a Shiv Linga then you must only have a Parad Shivling at home because a thousand yagna benefits are less than one time darshan of a Parad Shivling.



It will help you reduce your fear of deaths.

It helps in curing any health issues.

It helps you become brave.

It is said to help in removing Kal Sarp Dosh.


It is said to help in removing Manglik Dosh.