Hanuman Jayanti 2017

Hanuman Jayanti 

The festival is devoted to Lord Hanuman, and ardent devotee of Lord Ram. The festival marks the birth of Lord Hanuman. Also known as Anjani Putra, and more popularly Bajrangbali, he is considered the epitome of Courage, Bravery and Power. He is considered an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

To celebrate the birthday of Bajrangbali, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated every  year on the 15th day of Shukla Paksha in the Chaitra Month. This year Hanuman Jayanti will be celebrated on 11th of APRIL 2017 

Hanuman Jayanti Puja Muhurat 

Poornima Tithi begins at 10:24:36 on 10th of April 2017 

Poornima Tithi ends at 11:39:52 on 11th april 2017 

Hanuman Jayanti Puja 

Hanuman Jayanti 2017 is much awaited by the ardent Lord Hanuman devotees and following are the steps to follow during Hanuman Jayanti Puja 

·         The entire house is cleaned 

·         The Idol of Lord Hanuman is given a ceremonial bath and the idol is placed at the center of the worshipping place. 

·         Chandan, Kesar, Incense sticks, water, Boondi ke ladoo, Camphor and flowers are placed carefully on the puja plate. 

·         Tilak is applied on Lord Hanuman’s idol’s forehead and incense sticks, oil lamp and camphor are lit in front of the idol. 

·         Prayers are offered to Lord Ram, Mata Sita and Lord Hanuman and Hanuman Chalisa is recited. 

·         Bhog of Boondi ke ladoo is offered to Lord Hanuman and then distributed as Prasad. 

Importance Of Hanuman Jayanti 

Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Hanuman. He is the symbol of power and courage and the devotees are said to be showered with abundance energy and strength. Lord Ram always showers his blessings on the devotees of his own ardent devotee Lord Hanuman. 

Benefits Of Hanuman Jayanti Puja 

Hanuman Jayanti Puja has immense benefits if followed with utmost dedication and all rituals properly. Hanuman Jayanti Puja vidhi is simple and rewarding. 

·         People worshiping Lord Hanuman never encounter any paranormal activities. 

·         The devotees are blessed with power, energy, courage and strength. 

·         The Navagraha favour the devotee and he or she never face any obstacle in his or her work field. 

·         The entire family is blessed with happiness and prosperity. 

·         Lord Ram’s blessings are also received in abundance. 


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