Products Used In Shivratri



PARAD MALA - Parad is the best combination of silver and mercury. It is derived from the sperm of Lord Shiva. Parad mala is said to be one of the purest and auspicious metal that helps to attain wealth, prosperity, good luck and overall well-being of the worshipper. It is also believed to have great healing powers, which can cure you from diabetes, asthma, blood pressure etc.




There are number of benefits of Parad mala.


It is helpful in controlling heart diseases, blood pressures, and breathing problems


It enhances will power


It cures many chronic diseases


It plugs your life with all the worldly pleasures


It ensures fame, wealth, and success in life


It generates positivity and builds strong will power


It protects you from accidents and bad luck


It brings eternal peace


It reduces stress and pressure


It helps to fight against negative energy


It protects from various physical ailments and mental illness


It helps in spiritual transformation of human body


It is believed that the one who wears this mala gets the blessing of Lord Shiva and makes progress in his life. Parad mala is said to bring both spiritual and material improvements. It generates a positive environment and helps you to fight against stress and pressure of everyday life.


Also before wearing the mala you should consult a Pandit, who would give you appropriate timmings to get the best results.