Holi 2017

The festival of colours or the festival of sharing love is celebrated as a Hindu spring festival in India. It lasts for two days starting on the Purnima (Full Moon day) falling in the Bikram Sambat Hindu Calendar month of Falgun. The first day is known as Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi and the second as Rangwali Holi or Dhuleti. This year Holi will be celebrated on 13th March.




The festival has a cultural and social significance. It is the festive day to put an end and rid oneself of past errors, to end conflicts by meeting others, a day to forget and forgive. People pay or forgive debts, as well as deal anew with those in their lives. Holi also initiate the start of spring, and for many the start of the New Year.




Days before the festival people start gathering wood and flammable materials for the bonfire in parks, community centers, etc. On top of the pyre is an figure to signify Holika who tricked Prahalad into the fire.


On the eve of Holi, typically at or after sunset, the pyre is lit, signifying Holika Dahan. The ritual denotes the victory of good over evil.


The next day holi celebrations begin. Children and young people form groups, arm themselves with dry colours, coloured solution and water guns (pichkaris), water balloons etc to colour their targets.


In the Braj region around Mathura, the rituals go beyond playing with colours, and include a day where men go around with shields and women have the right to playfully beat them on their shields with sticks.






·       If you are seeking growth in business or progress in your job, then you count the number of years you have been in business or job. Perform Gomati Chakra in the similar numbers and offer them one by one to the fire of Holi with devotion wishing prosperity.


·       In case, You have been suffering of severe cold & cough since long, then on the day of Holi, after taking bath, hold a silver piece, an old coin, few grains of rice and five Gomti Chakra and tie all of these in red cloth, rotate it seven times around your head and dunk it in flowing water.


·       If you find obstacles in your work without any reason then after taking bath on the Holi day, hoist a triangle white color cloth flag on Peepal tree. You shall find improvement in your work.


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