Rudraksha Products For Mahashivratri

RUDRAKSHA MALA-  Rudraksha is derived from two words ‘rudra’ which is one of Shiva’s vedic names and ‘aksha’ means teardrops. Rudra and Aksha together mean “the one that is capable of looking at and doing everything\" (for example, the third eye).

It is said that the rudraksha tree was created from the tears of earnest meditation shed by Shiva. The tree yields thousands of fruits every year and is loaded with magical benefits.

Rurdraksha Mala is made in auspicious numbers like 108+1, 54+1. It is used for wearing and also for the purpose of Japa. The mala rests on the ring finger and the middle finger while performing the Japa, which is considered auspicious.



It generates positive aura around the wearer.

It helps in calming down the person.

Any person irrespective of his age, gender or horoscope can wear it.

It is scientifically proven for having medical values such as controlling blood pressure, anxiety, depression etc.



It is used in offering Rishis and Sadhus so as to gain their blessing from the bottom of their heart.

It is used for chanting Japas

Rudraksha seeds are offered to Lord Shiva as it pleases him.

The best use of rudraksha is observed when you wish to get rid of the guilt and the sins.


All these products are used during Shivaratri and are considered to have great importance.