Significance Of Shravan Maas

Significance Of Shravan Maas

The Shravan Maas is considered very holy and people worship Lord Shiva to get his blessings and please him. The month is apt to perform all important ceremonies and events and also for any significant work. People consider the month very auspicious and hence generally start all their new ventures during this time of the month. Lord Shiva is very easy to please and hence he is called Bholenath. The holy month is devoted to Lord Shiva and hence all pujas are performed keeping him in mind. There is great reverence to the Shravan Maas Puja and whoever performs it with great dedication is considered to be showered with abundant blessings by Mahadev.

The Samundra manthan episode happened during the Shravan Month. It is believed that during the churning 14 Rubies emerged out of the Ocean out of which 13 were distributed amongst the dev and Asurs and the last ruby was left as it was the most deadliest and poisonous called the Halahal. Lord Shiva drank it and stored the poison in his throat. Lord shiva wore the crecent Moon on his head and all devtas offered him water from the Holy River Ganga to reduce the effect of the poison. Both the events happened during the Shravan Maas and that is why the Month is considered auspicious and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. 


Shravan Maas 2017 is much awaited as the festival is devoted to Bholenath who is very easy to please and showers his devotees with abundant blessings and fulfil all his wishes and aspirations. Shravan Mass 2017 will start from 10th July and will end on 21st of August.


Shravan Maas being the holy month holds great significance in Hinduism. It brings along several benefits. Shravan Maas is especially beneficial for young girls and should keep fast on all Shravan Mondays to get the desired groom. Following are the benefits of shravan Maas

·         Removes hurdles and obstacles in the work field

·         Provides peace and calmness of mind and soul.

·         Promotes Harmony in Family.

·         Blesses the devotee with abundance of wealth and prosperity

·         The devotee is shielded from all malefic effects

·         Protection from all paranormal encounters

·         Success in all business types.

·         All financial matters are resolved and devotee gets peace of mind.


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