Chinnamasta Devi Temple - Online Prasad & Puja

Chinnamasta Devi Temple - Online Prasad & Puja

About the Temple

This Chinnamasta Devi temple is of vital importance to tantriks and the like as this Goddess is the god of all Tantrik knowledge. The idol of the goddess is a statue of a woman with her head in her hands. It is said that Maa Kali herself cut her head in order to feed her disciples and save them from starvation. This temple is especially recommended to be visited by people desirous of something in life primarily a kid, or well-being of a particular family member. Also unmarried or childless people must visit this temple in order to complete the human life cycle.

History of the Temple 

The Chinnamasta Devi Temple in a town near Rajrappa, Jharkhand, is one of the most famous temples designated to Goddess Kali. It is located at an elevation of about 5200 feet. Mata Kali is supposedly a complete woman in the realest essence as she can be a life giver and a life taker all in one. 

Prasad Details

The Chinnamasta Devi Temple Prasad is one of the best blessings by Maa Kali. We offer a package of online Chinnamasta Devi Temple Prasad which includes the following components –

  • A box of Prasad of laddoos from the temple 
  • Holy ash from the temple known as vibhuti
  • A beautiful picture of Mata Chhinnamastika Devi

Price of the Prasad

The price of the Prasad in the temple varies as per the requirement –

  • Only Prasad – Rs. 551/- only 
  • Prasad with a poster – Rs. 751/- only 
  • Perform puja and get Prasad – Rs. 5100/- only 

Booking Details 

In today’s hectic life, we often neglect the almighty’s role and don’t take out time to visit temples and all on a regular basis. To ease your life further, we offer to perform a puja on your behalf and pay regards by offering “chadhaava”. We further get your Prasad blessed and deliver it at your doorstep itself. This way, Chinnamasta Devi blesses you and you are relived of the hassles associated with actually doing the puja yourself. So book yourself a Chhinnamastika Devi Temple Pooja and Prasad and go stress free.

To buy Chinnamasta Devi Prasad, click on the link below or contact us at 9582515505

Chinnamasta Devi Prasad 

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