Siddhi Vinayak Temple - Online Prasad & Puja

Siddhi Vinayak Temple - Online Prasad & Puja

About the Temple

The Siddhi Vinayak Temple is one of the most famous temples designated to Lord Ganesh. Lord Ganesh is known to grand the worshipper the riches of knowledge and prosperity. It has a very strong follower base world-wide. Infact, a lot of celebrities go to visit this temple before the release of their new ventures.

History of the Temple 

This temple dates back to about 1801 and was constructed by 2 people majorly called Deubai Patil and Laxman Vithu. The idol of lord Ganesh is carved out of a single stone of black color and is adjoined by Riddhi and Siddhi on either side that are supposed to be the harbingers of luck, health, wealth and prosperity.

Prasad Details

The Siddhi Vinayak Temple Prasad is one of the best blessings by Lord Ganesh. However, not everyone gets a chance to visit the Siddhi Vinayak Temple. Hence we offer an online Siddhi Vinayak Temple package of Prasad at Rs. 751/- only. This package includes the following components –

  • A laddoo or popularly known as a “modak”
  • Statue of lord Ganesh 
  • One chunari or a holy dupatta
  • Holy Siddhi Vinayak mauli for the visitor’s family
  • Holy grass and flower of Dubba
  • Stortra of Lord Ganesh with a picture

Price of the Prasad

The price of the Prasad in the temple varies as per the requirement –

  • Only Prasad – Rs. 751/- only 
  • Prasad with a poster and an idol of lord Ganesh – Rs. 951/- only 
  • Perform puja and get Prasad – Rs. 7100/- only 

Booking Details 

In today’s hectic life, we often neglect the almighty’s role and don’t take out time to visit temples and all on a regular basis. To ease your life further, we offer to perform a puja on your behalf and pay regards by offering “chadhaava”. We further get your Prasad blessed and deliver it at your doorstep itself. This way, lord Ganesh blesses you and you are relived of the hassles associated with actually doing the puja yourself. So book yourself a Siddhi Vinayak Temple Pooja and Prasad and go stress free.

To buy Siddhi Vinayak Prasad, click on the link below or contact us at 9582515505

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