Baglamukhi Puja

Bagulamukhi means the backside of Shiva. She is one of the ten forms of the wisdom goddesses, signifying the potent female ancient force. The goddess has a golden complexion and her choicest color is yellow.

She is also known as ‘Pitambaradevi’ or ‘Brahmastra Roopini’ and she turns each thing into its opposite. She turns speech into silence, knowledge into ignorance, power into impotence, defeat into victory.

Therefore, the Bagalamukhi Puja, which is performed according to Vedic rituals helps to defeat our external enemies as well as internal enemies i.e kama, krodha, lobha, moha & ahankar. With this puja seeker attains control not only over their negative thoughts but also they have a full control over the outer world. Puja of Ma Baglamukhi gives the seeker self-knowledge along with enormous strength and power to lead a right path in his life.


It is very effective to the people facing problems related to business, career, debts etc.

The puja evokes countless advantages for all round protection, prosperity, stability and blesses with long life.

A person attains an ability to create strong influence among others.

The seeker attains all the physical energy to protect him from all the troubles and fulfills their desires.

The goddess blesses the devotee with immense power and dominance.


1. Pappankulam

2. Nalkhera

3. Sameli

4. Aligarh

5. Tewar

6. Ludhiana:

7. Raigarh:

8. Haridwar


Baglamukhi is the eighth Mahavidya, invoked for destruction of enmity. This is the Supreme divine force, believed to have been summoned by Lord Ram to destroy the demon Ravan with his descendants.