God & Goddess Puja: Ganesh puja

Ganesha, who is the son of Shiva and Parvati is an elephant deity riding a mouse. He is known as a Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles.


Benefits Of Ganesh Puja

·       It helps in reducing physical and mental stress.

·       It is believed to be helpful in shaping intellectual powers.

·       It helps in seeking vital energy.

·       It helps in activating your Adnya-Chakra.

·       The insinuating body of the worshiper is purified.

·       The worshiper’s all monetary difficulties detonate.

Essential ‘Samagri’

Firstly, Light up the lamp and the incense sticks. Now, offer the betel leaves along with supari on top of it. During puja, chanting mantras like ‘OM GAN GANPATIYE NAMAH’  is very beneficial to make the puja successful. If you have taken the Ganesha idol before Ganesha Chaturthi, then you must cover it with a cloth.

The cloth should only be removed on Ganesha Chaturthi. At the time of Murti Sthapana, shower the rice as it is considered very fortunate. The list of essential things for Ganesh puja are

1.    Modak

2.      Dhruva Grass

3.      Marigold/Genda

4.      Conch Shell/Shankh

5.      Fruits(Banana/Sugarcane)

6.      Red Chandan


Ganesh Puja Vidhi


·       Before performing the puja, cleansing of the house especially the puja place is very essential.

·       Taking early bath is mandatory for all the family members.

·       The raised platform is essential, in order to install the Ganesha idol.

·       In order to invoke the God, keep chanting the Mantras.

·       Custom called Pran-Pratishtha, which means infusing life in the idol is performed by experienced astutes.

·       Now light up the lamps and incese sticks in front of the idol.

·       Later, perform Shodashopachara and offer red flowers.

·       Now apply the red sandalwood ‘Tilak’ while infringing a coconut.

·       Chant mantras or Ganesh Upanishads.


·       At last, seek blessings from Lord Ganesha through meditation and allegiance.