God & Goddess Puja: Krishna puja

Lord Krishna is considered a manifest form of God, or avatar. In the Hindu religion, He is regarded as an avatar of Lord Vishnu, (the maintainer of Universe) and is related with Jainism\'s Tirthankaras. Worshipping Lord Krishna is a spiritual way to develop universal knowledge and love, to attain peace and to control or discipline the mind.



·       To make one’s life easier and happier Krishna bestow his blessings upon the devotees with grace.

·       It brings harmony, marital bliss and stability at home.

·       It helps in attaining peace of mind and happiness in a relationship.

·       Devotees are blessed with long lasting married life.




The essential materials required to perform this puja are incense sticks, perfume, ghee, lamp, fresh garland, embroidered clothes for Lord Krishna, fruits, prashad and Lord Krishna\'s idol. Krishna puja is especially performed on a large scale on the auspicious day of Krishna Janamashtami.

Placing Lord Krishna on a decorated swing  on the day of Janamashtami is believed to delight “Kanha”.


Krishna Puja Vidhi:

·       Clean yourself by taking bath before the puja and mark your forehead with Ashtagandha or Gopi Chandan.

·       Wash the Radha and Krishna idol with Punchamrit prepared from butter, ghee, milk, curd and honey while chanting ‘the brahma samhita Govindam adi purusham’ mantra.

·       Decorate the idol with garlands, embellished and embroidered clothes, flute. MorPankh being essential.

·       Offer fragrance for which you may include incense sticks.

·       Keep chanting the mantra Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare.

·       Now apply Tilak prepared from sandalwood.

·       Fasting on this day is very significant.

·       Keep chanting Mantras, Bhajan and Aarti of Lord Krishna to connect with the divine Lord.


·       In the end, offer prashad like Charanamrit, Panjiri, Dhaniya, Makhan Mishri and fruits to Lord Krishna.