God & Goddess Puja: Vishnu puja

Lord Narayan or Vishnu is the protector of our universe and constitutes ‘Trimuti” alongside Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma.


Lord Vishnu is worshipped all over the country at temples and at home. Lord Vishnu is considered very propitious to overcome any problem in life.

·       Lord Vishnu is the preserver of the universe.

·       Through his worship devotees are presumed to be shielded with a protective seam.

·       He is known for his many enormous avatars.

·       He with his invincible power has saved the world from the evil invaders.

·       On Poornima, worshipping Lord Vishnu is considered very auspicious.


Essential ‘Samagri’

To perform Lord Vishnu’s puja, devotees need to arrange all the required materials: The Idol of the Lord, Oil Lamps, Incense sticks, Fruits, Flowers, Coconut, Betel Nuts, Camphor, Punchamrit, Mango Leaves, Rice, Kumkum , Gangajal , Ghee , Turmeric.


Benefits of Lord Vishnu Puja


·       It helps in making one’s professional life prosperous.

·       It helps in overcoming any residential problems.

·       It helps in attaining Moksha in the afterlife.

·       It is believed to diminish the unpleasant effects of one’s previous life.

·       It helps in reviving the stamina.

·       The puja blesses you with a long and happy life.

·       It is helpful in fetching peace and happiness at home.


Vishnu Puja Vidhi

·       Devotees need to keep vigil throughout the day.

·       To make the puja successful devotees need to continue chanting Vishnu Sahastranama, Narayana Mantra and other mantras 108 times .

·       One needs to chant Beej mantra at the time of offering the Asana to the Lord Vishnu.

·       Wash the idol of Lord Vishnu with Punchamrit and place it at the Asana.

·       Offer flowers, light up the lamps and incense sticks and along with this keep changing the name of Lord Vishnu, which should be 108 times.

You may also donate food to the needy and Brahmins to accomplish this puja effectively.