Kamakhya puja: for business

Need to Perform Puja For Business

·         Performing this special puja diminishes all kind of bad waves, negative energy and malefic effects of planets.

·         It is believed that this kind of puja must be organized every year for fetching prosperity to the workplace and home.

·         The puja helps you in the precise way.

·         You find new potentials to grow your business.

·         The business profits are believed to be amplified.

·         You will be appreciated among your competitors, business associates and customers.

·         All kind of major or minor business problems will be resolved.

·         It will help in the future of a new product, if launched after the puja.

Mantras For Business Success

 The important mantras required to make this puja successful are:

“Shri Pitthe Sur-Pujite Shankha Chakre Gada Haste, Shri Maha Lakshmi Namostute “


 “Je Sakam Nar Sunahi Je Gavanhi, Sukh Sampati Nana Bidhi Pavanhi, Namastestu    Mahamaya”