Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap Puja

Goddess Parvati is worshipped among the married and unmarried women for receiving preferred spouse. Apart from it, goddess Kamakhya is worshipped to make the love life smooth. This special puja is considered respectable for building up healthy relationships.

Benefits of Kamakhya Puja

·         Goddess Kamakhya is much admired in Hindu religion. The temple is an epitome of the strengths and vigor of womanhood. The Sindoor that originates from the temple holds enchanting powers to eradicate various kinds of problems.

·         Goddess Kamakhya is widely known for brightening up your life. If the Kamakhya Puja is organised with the help of experienced priests, it is bound to be prolific.

·         Organizing this puja has its share of benefits upon the devotee. It is believed that the power vested in the puja has the ability to exterminate the problems between the married couples.


·         This puja is believed to create a strong layer around the couple and protect them from the negative waves, which helps them to prosper in future.