Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja

Pitra are people (ancestors/forefathers) who died of unusual deaths and did not attain salvation due to lack of religious rituals, a Dosha develops into ones horoscope, which is known as ‘Pitra Dosha’. Pitra Dosha can lead to many sufferings in life due to which people perform remedies for the conciliation of Pitra Dosha.


Benefits Of Pitra Dosha Puja

·       It helps in building harmonious family relations.

·       It is a cure for physical and mental illness.

·       It protects you from other malicious effects of Pitra Dosha.

·       It helps in stabilizing your financial problems.

·       It acts as an escalating force in business and career.

·       All the negative effects of Pritra Dosha are reduced and our ancestors are pleased.


Puja Samagri

The essential samagris are Gangajal, Black Til, Chandan, grains of barley(Jau), rice, pure clean water and two containers.


Puja Vidhi

·       Start by worshipping Lord Ganesha.

·       Secondly, take a container pour pure clean water, Gangajal, jau, black til, rice and chandan in it.

·       Sit in the south direction; take the grass (durba) in right hand and hold it diagonally in a “Pitra Tirth Mudra”.

·       Then, while taking the Gotra name offer the prepared ‘Jalanjali’ to your ancestors.

·       Next, offer the ‘Jalanjali’ thrice to your forefathers while chanting “Tasmey Swadha Namah”

·       The puja needs to be performed on a specific date and if not known then the last date of Amavasya.

·       The one’s residing in hell and needed our offerings must also be considered while performing the puja.

·       Later, devotees must feed the cows and the Brahmins.


·       ‘Yam Stotra’ and ‘Pitra Stotra ‘ must be read after the puja.