Maa Durga Shakti Puja

Maa Durga Shakti puja is one of the renowned puja of the goddess of Shakti. Maa Durga is considered the Devi of divine feminine power. Durga means the invincible one. She is the supreme soul and cause of all the present and past worldly occurrences.


Maa Durga’s feature depicts that she has ten arms, always prefer riding on a lion or tiger. In one hand she holds ‘trishul’ or Trident and a lotus flower on the other hand.


The sources say that Durga did not arise from the Devas as she was a form of Goddess Adishakti. The Goddess took birth on Earth as Parvati to be united with her lord, Shiva.


The nine day long puja(navratri) is the biggest annual festival in Devi Durga’s honor. She is worshipped as Navratra or Navratri in northern India in the month of sep-October. Which means nine nights dedicated to Maa Durga. On every night (From day One to Nine) a special puja of different form of Maa Durga is performed as:


Day1-Shailputri.                         Day2-Brahmcharini                              Day3- Chandraghanta                      Day4- Kooshmanda                   Day5- Skandmata                            Day6- Katyani                                        Day7- Kalratri                                   Day8- Maha-Gauri                            Day9- Sidhidatri






The pujas are performed to remove all financial and physical problems in life.


It helps in reducing the ghastly karmas of previous life.


To bring wealth and riches to the female members of the family.


It helps in improving the relationships between husband and wife.




It helps in removing the effects of Kal Bhairo and Kateri.