Kamdev Rati Puja for Relationships

Kamdev is the god of love and desire and Rati is his consort, together they are known as Ratikanta. Lord Kamdev is the epitome of handsomeness and manliness whereas Goddess Rati is the essence of female enchanting beauty. They are responsible for creating love and affection in our lives. Therefore, the Kamdev Rati puja is considered beneficial for the one’s who are seeking love.


Mantra Of Kamdev Rati Puja


“Om hrim kaali kapaline ghoornadeenee vishvam vimohya, Jagnamohya sarva mohya mohya thah thah thah swaha.”


 Key Aspects Of Kamdev Rati Puja


·         This puja should include sthapna of all main gods and goddesses like Ganesh, Brahma, Kalash and Navgraha.


·         Aarti is an essential part of the puja.


·         This puja is said to be more effective if performed by a sage.


·         Duration of Kamdev Rati Puja is 27 to 45 Days


·         Expected Result time is within 45 to 90 Days


 Benefits Of  The Kamdev Rati Puja


 It helps in attracting the desired partner.


The puja is believed to be helpful in convincing the families for your chosen life partner.


It is helpful in enhancing the attracting powers and getting favors from other people.


It is believed to be helpful in adding up to your romance and passion.




It is also helpful in escalating influencing power.