Rudra Abhishek Puja

Rudra means “Shiva” – The Benevolent, The Destroyer Of Evil. Rudra puja is an ancient practice performed by Hindus since a long time. It is a puja where Lord Shiva is worshipped in his Rudra form.

All the Vedic scriptures have described this puja as to remove all sinful deeds, attain all desires, and all round prosperity.


Benefits Of The Puja

·         The puja is believed to charge the whole atmosphere with the Shiva-tatwa, the energy which transforms and removes obstacles.

·         It is said that all the beneficial desires bear fruit.

·         It is also believed that all the negative energy in the form of diseases, depression are transformed into joy and prosperity.

·         Peace resides in our mind, body and soul.


Puja Vidhi


The Puja is performed with a crystal \'linga\'. It starts with chanting the mantras, which is believed to get absorbed in the offerings like curd, milk, ghee, honey etc. It is then offered to Lord Shiva with respect, love and gratitude. Specially trained Pandits and Veda students perform this special Puja. The chanting of the mantras is so chaste and meditative that it takes one to a different world.