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Ambubachi Mela Prasad - Kamakhya Jal, Vastra and Kamakhya Sindoor


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 About Kamakhya Sindoor:

Kamakhya Sindoor is very auspicious sindoor as per Devi Puran and Kalki Puran. This sindoor is the Prasad of Maa Kamakhya which comes from Ambubachi Mela from Kamakhya Siddh Peeth. It has immense power and potential to change your life if you use it as per proper Vedic rituals & with complete puja vidhi. All your desired work will get done if you appease Maa Kamakhya.

By the help of this Kamakhya Sindoor you can get the blessings and get the desired results but the tricky part is one must know the proper puja vidhi and procedure of using the kamakhya sindoor, else you won’t get the desired results.

In some part of India “Kamakhya Sindoor “is known as “Kamiya Sindoor”.

Significance and Benefits of Kamakhya Sindoor:

  • Kamakhya Sindoor is used to resolve Lost Love and Relationship matter.
  • Any kind of marital life problem or divorce matter can be resolved with it.
  • Helpful in delayed marriage or love marriage with desired person.
  • Money problem and financial issue will be solved with it.
  • Remove hurdles in job, business and career related issues.
  • All negativity and evil energies can be managed with this.
  • Kamakhya Sindoor is best for legal matters.
  • If you are facing malefic effect in your personal life related to Manglik Dosha, Kaal Sarp Dosha, Pitra Dosha and Shani Sade Sati or Shani ki Dhaiya then you will get protection from all those dosha with the help of this.
  • You can do awakening and balancing of 7 chakras with the help of Kamakhya Sindoor.
  • It will purify your aura and open a path to attain siddhi and for meditation
  • Cleansing your bad karma of present and past life.

About Kamakhya Jal

Kamakhya Jal comes from the Kamakhya Temple situated in Guwahati, Assam. During Ambubachi Festival this is distributed to the devotees at Kamakhya Temple. This Kamakhya Jal is holy water like Ganga Jal but it has its unique quality. This holy Kamakhya Jal cleanses all bad karmas and if a person is facing any black magic related problem, it can be removed by this Kamakhya Jal.

Significance and Benefits of Kamakhya Jal:

  1. If a person feels any negative activity done by other person, then Kamakhya Jal is the best remedy for it, as it removes everything done by others.
  2. It creates a Positive Aura around you and gives a protected shield.
  3. Bring harmony in Relationship and remove conflicts.
  4. It nullifies the effects of Manglik Dosha and Sade Sati related problems.
  5. Removes hurdles in Business and Career.
  6. As water represents the flow of money in dharma so any concern related to Money can be resolved with this Holy Water.
  7. Vastu Dosha in North East direction can be resolved with this.
  8. As our body contains more than 60% of water which helps in balancing body fluids, similarly Kamakhya Jal helps to maintain Good Health & protects us from diseases.
  9. Heals and activates the Root Chakra.


About Kamakhya Vastra:

Kamakhya Vastra is very auspicious and it is a blessing and prasad of Maa Kamakhya Temple which is situated in Guwahati, Assam. We get this Vastra from Kamakhya Temple during Ambubachi Mela. And it is believed that keeping this Kamakhya Vastra at your place will bring peace, prosperity and positivity and remove all kinds of negativity. It will helps in improving relationship and money related problem.

Significance & Benefits of Kamakhya Vastra :

  1. It resolves any kind of Marital or Relationship related matters and also helps in getting your love back.
  2. If you are facing any Delay in Marriage or not getting suitable match then you should use kamakhya vastra.
  3. Resolves Divorce related matter in your favor and protects you from legal consequences.
  4. If you keep it at your work place it improves the productivity and the revenue also improves.
  5. Helps in Financial Related matters like money flow, overcome from debts and helps those facing liquidity problems.
  6. Protects you from evil eye or any Negativity done on you by your enemy.
  7. Removes all kind of Vastu Dosha present in the premises.
  8. Resolves Childless issues.
  9. Helps in Chakra balancing and healing.
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