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Rudraksha for Hands, Arms, Lungs, Sensory Organs, Thyroid Glands, Brain Disorders


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The patron of the four faced Rudraksha is believed to be Lord Brahma, one of the gods of the holy trinity and the creator of our universe. The person who wears this Rudraksha is said to become knowledgeable and the power of learning and concentration are increased along with his memory power. The four faced Rudraksha is said to positively affect the speech of the wearer which makes it highly recommendable to people suffering from speech disabilities like stammering. Planet Mercury is the ruling planet of the four faced Rudraksha. It is also known to be helpful in treatment of diseases like cough, blood circulation, brain related illness, stammering, asthma, memory lapse and any other problems related to Arms, Sensory Organs and Lungs.
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Brand: Religiouskart
Material: Wood
Origin: Nepali
Frame: 0
Energized: 0
Silver Capping: 0
Color: Brown
Ratti: 0
Carat: 0

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