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6 Mukhi Rudraksha with Silver Capping


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The 6 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha is like a blessing for people suffering with bodily functions deformity diseases like epilepsy, genital issues, issues involving ear, nose and throat, hormonal imbalances, impotence, fatigue, renal disorder etc. This Rudraksha is specially recommended for women who are facing trouble in their pregnancy.


As the name suggests, a Six Mukhi Rudraksha has six lines or Mukhas on its surface. The ruling lord of this Rudraksha is lord Kartikeya who happens to be the second offspring of Lord Shiva and is also the head of the heavenly army force. The ruling planet of this Rudraksha is planet Venus. On similar lines, the wearer of this Rudraksha gets bravery and also intelligence by the gifts of Kartikeya. This Rudraksha additionally builds the determination and the force of expression and thus, leaders and artists that need to perform or give talks can infer benefits by wearing this Rudraksha beads.

It is said that wearer of this Rudraksha is honored by Goddess Parvati, Goddess Lakshmi and also Goddess Saraswati since every one of them have favored Kartikeya. Consequently, the wearer of this Rudraksha is blessed with wellbeing, riches and satisfaction.


This Rudraksha has a lot of benefits like the following –  

  • The 6 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha imparts dedication, enhances cognitive skills and it also makes the wearer more alert of his or her surroundings.
  • This particular Rudraksha makes a person favorite of everybody. They imbibe a skill in them of “vashikaran” or enchantment wherein the wearer floors everyone and all are pleased by various attributes of the wearer.
  • The 6 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha is mostly beneficial to people whose profession involves the stage or performance of some kind of art for example politicians, actors, painters etc.
  • This Rudraksha helps in bringing matrimonial bliss in the wearer’s life and helps them possess all worldly attachments.
  • The ancient Hindu religious scriptures help the wearer negate all negative influences related to planet Venus.
  • This Rudraksha helps the wearer get rid of all sexual diseases related to sexual organs.

How to wear

Wearing a Rudraksha is quite seen in a lot of people. Some wear it in a necklace form while the others can also put it with the other idols of worship. It can also be worn as a bracelet around the wrist. This Rudraksha is purified by cleaning it in unboiled milk and holy water and honey. After this, special haldi is applied to it and it is made to sit on a special holy seat in front of Shiva idol. This particular Rudraksha is quite beneficial for people whose careers involve a lot of learning, especially a perpetual one like doctors, professors etc. This Rudraksha must be worn to a funeral or any other occasion of mourning.


Before wearing a 6 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha, the wearer must enchant the mantra “Om Hreem hum Namaha” to activate the Rudraksha.

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