Rudraksha For Childless Couples

Rudraksha For Childless Couples

Children are the purest form of blessing from god and so is Motherhood. Motherhood completes a woman and is the most special moment for her. After all what is married life without having children to worry all the time for! Luckiest are the couples who are blessed with lovely kids. But god becomes harsh with some couples and they are not able to attain the happiness of having kids.

Gauri Ganesh Rudraksha is specifically designed for such couples. 

Significance of Gauri Ganesh Rudraksha 

Gauri Ganesh Rudraksha , as the name suggests , represents two of the most important Gods of Hinduism , Goddess Parvati and her son Lord Ganesha and the pure  divine love between them. They are the wife and son of Lord Shiva, whom he loves  immensely. And therefore this Rudraksha showers the blessings of the three of them on the wearer.  The unified powers of Lord Ganesha and Godess Parvati make it the one of the most significant and influential Rudraksha.  It is highly suggested for women who face difficulty in conceiving the child and also for improving mother-children relationship. The planet which rules this Rudraksha is sun which in itself is very powerful. 

Benefits of Gauri Ganesh Rudraksha

  • Women who have gynaecological issues which prevent them from conceiving or lead to miscarriages will benefit the most from this Rudraksh. 
  • Gauri Ganesh Rudraksha also helps to nurture the relationship between mothers and their children. 
  • Lord Ganesha’s blessings remove the obstacles from wearer’s life and bring name, fame and wealth. 

How to wear the Rudraksha 

  • It has to be worn in the morning only after taking bath while chanting the mantras “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” and  “OM SHREE GAURI GANESHAYE NAMAH” .
  • It should be removed before going to the bed at night and kept at a holy place such as the Pooja Room. 
  • Two persons should not share the same Rudraksha. 

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Rudraksha For Childless Couples