Shani Tailabhishekam Procedure

The Shani Shingnapur temple has 30–45,000 visitors a day, which rounds up to around three lakh on amavasya (the no moon day), believed to be the most auspicious day to pacify Lord Shani. The village holds a fair in honour of the deity on this day. A bigger festival is held on new moon days that fall on Saturdays. Devotees bathe Lord Shani\'s image with water and oil and offer flowers, and worship him wholeheartedly. A show procession of Shani is held on the day of the fair. Other festivals include the birthday of Shani, Shani Jayanti.

From the various problems in our lives the ones concerning marriage problems, career setback, chronic illness, conceiving a child, all these negative issues are a direct result of Shani Dosha in our horoscope. If these issues are left free, can lead to uninviting consequences and further bad fortune. But at the same time, those devotees who offer Tailabhishekam to Shanidev, might witness improvement in their lives and can be blissful and prosperous again.


Shani Dev Tailabhishekam Vidhi

·       Visit a Shani Dev temple (Shingnapur preferably) on a Saturday wearing black clothes.

·       Observe a fast throughout the day

·       Chant Shani Dev Gayatri Mantra with great devotion and religious spirit.

·       Start the Abhishekam on Shani Idol with Mustard oil and sesame seeds. Also Milk and Ghee and Honey and Curd and Coconut water, Sugarcane water etc are used to Abhisekham depending upon the desires or the results expected.

·       Also offer prayer to Lord Hanuman.


One of the mantras for Shani raya is: