Commercial Vastu

Just like residences, commercial buildings also need to be designed according to vastu in order to gain maximum benefits, wealth and harmony. At times, lavish looking new offices or other commercial buildings also do not survive. Such situations can be dealt with by correcting the vastu of that structure.


Vastu for Office: Apart from home, maximum time of a working person is spent in the office. Therefore an office needs to be designed according to the vastu shastra for perfect balance and peace of mind. An office also needs to have certain fixed characteristics for getting maximum financial gains. They are:

-         While searching for land, one must look for only square or rectangular shaped plots for the construction of the office.

-         The entrance of the office must be in East direction. It is considered favourable.

-         The office of the head of the organization must be made north facing and he should also sit facing north only.

-         The walls of the office should be painted in bright or light colours to spread positivity and cheer.

-         If the office has a reception, it should be made in the north-east corner.

-         Washrooms should only be built in the West or North-western side.

-         The direction of other things like windows, conference halls and electronic equipments also need to be kept in mind.

Vastu for Shop: Shops are the most commonly found commercial structures. Some shops run well while others don’t. The direction in which a shop’s entrance is, the shape of the plot, and other thing affect the sale and goodwill of a shop.

-         The plot of the shop must be square or rectangular in shape. Other kinds of shapes affect the financial growth negatively.

-         East or North-east facing entrance is considered the best.

-         South and West are the best directions for the sitting place of the shop’s owner.

-         The cash counter must be installed in such a way that it should open in the North direction.

-         South-east part of the shop is best for installing any electronic equipments.

-         Creaking doors are not good and thus it should be ensured that any doors must not creak.

-         The placement of windows, goods and other things should also be done in compliance with vastu.

Vastu for Factory: Vastu for factory is very important to find out the best directions and placements of various things in it. The financial gains, economic growth and overall goodwill is affected by the factory’s compliance with vastu. Certain important tips need to be kept in mind while deciding the layout of a factory or correcting its vastu:

-         The most suitable directions in which a factory must be built are East, North or North-east. It benefits the factory in terms of monetary gains.

-         The office of the owner must be made such that the owner when sits for work, faces north direction.

-         East direction is considered the best for constructing the main entrance of the factory. It should be big and have two doors for opening/closing.

-         Only the South-east or North-west portions of the factory should be used for building toilets.

-         East or North portions should be used for placement of machinery.

-         Other aspects of the factory like water tanks, placement of the raw materials also matter in making the factory compliant with vastu.

Vastu for Hotel: In the hospitality industry, along with good services and management, infrastructure of the hotel also plays a major role in ensuring success. Hence, it is very important to determine the positioning of various kinds of work areas in a hotel. Here are some tips:

-         Location of the hotel must be easy to access and prime.

-         Only rectangular or square shaped plots should be used for constructing hotels.

-         South-east portion of the hotel should be used be for the kitchen or pantry. Ground floor must be used for it.

-         Light colours for the walls of the main reception area and lobby, and good lighting play a huge role.


-         The individual vastu of the guest room should also be taken care of.