Remedial Vastu

Vastu Shastra originated in India thousands of years ago. It can be translated as the “science of architecture” and is an ancient Indian science of building a suitable structure. Vastu Shastra combines science, astronomy, astrology and art to make our lives peaceful and secure.

Remedial Vastu suggests ways in which vastu problems or defects can be corrected. While building a house, an office, a factory or any other commercial or domestic structure some mistakes tend to happen if vastu is not properly followed. Problems in health, finances and other aspects of life arise as a result. These mistakes need to be identified as major or minor and subsequently assigned different solutions. Vastu defects could be in the shape, placement or direction of the bedroom, bathroom, entrance gate, conference hall, etc. 

Example: If a major problem arises in the direction faced by the entrance of the house, then it sometimes becomes impossible to change that; what is to be done then?

Or: If the plot on which a factory is built was not right, or some wrong had been committed on it?

In such situations it is next to impossible to demolish the whole structures and rebuild them according to the correct vastu, or build them somewhere else. Small vastu defects can be corrected through renovation on advice of a vastu shastra expert. However, the big defects require alternate solutions.

For example: It is ideal to have a square or rectangular shaped bedroom. But what if a person has an L-shaped bedroom? In such a situation, it is not always possible to demolish and renovate the room. However, a partition can be made by a book shelf to make the room seem rectangular. Such small and easy solutions act as remedies!

Trivial things like trees, plants, flowers, lighting, etc. can actually help a lot in correcting the vastu of a place. It enhances the good energies within a building, rid your house from any doshas or defects, thereby creating an ideal environment in the house and saving your finanaces.

So, there is no reason to worry even if your house is not completely vastu-friendly yet! Absolutely effective and beneficial solutions to the vastu problems in your building can be sought from our Vastu Experts.