Residential Vastu Tips

Constructing a home is always incomplete without residential vastu. It is because a person spends most of his time at his residence, and therefore it is necessary that it is constructed according to vastu to prevent any dosha. Residential Vastu consists of many elements that need to be kept in mind.

1.      Vastu For Bedroom: Vastu for bedroom is very essential. Different things about the direction in which a person sleeps, and the direction of the bed need to be kept in mind while deciding where everything is to placed. Below are a few important points to remember:

-           The bed should be kept close to the South/West wall.

-          The almirah of the room should also be on the same wall.

-          As we know that the five elements of the universe are kept in mind while deciding the vastu of the house, the master bedroom of the house has to be in the Southwest of the house, because of the presence of Earth element.

-          Lastly, the bedroom must always be square or rectangular in shape.

2.      Vastu for Kitchen: The kitchen of a house represents Fire element. Following things need to be kept in mind regarding the kitchen:

-          The kitchen must be in Southeast part of the house. If not Southeast, then the Northwest part can also be considered. These two are the only directions where the kitchen must be constructed in a house.

-          The cooking stove in a kitchen should be placed in such a way that when a person cooks, he/she must be facing East.

-          According to Vastu, the gas cylinder must be placed in the Southeast corner of the kitchen.

-          The refrigerator must be placed in the Southwest corner of the kitchen.

3.      Vastu for Children’s Room: Vastu shastra of a room has positive or negative effects on children too. Hence, a child’s room must be designed keeping in mind some points:

-          Children’s room must be in either the Southern or the Western part of the house. Other directions should be avoided.

-          Children while studying should face East or North as it is considered good for concentration.

-          According to Vastu, the child should have a wall or window behind him, while sitting at the study desk.

-          The appropriate direction of the head while sleeping is South. It maintains the magnetic balance of the body with Earth.

4.      Vastu for Living Room: The perfect location for the living room depends on the direction of the house. However, East and North directions are good for the living room to face. There are a few more things that help in making the living room Vastu-friendly:

-          Like the Bedroom, the Living room should also be rectangular or square in shape.

-          The ideal direction for furniture in the Living room is South or West.

-          To bring in positive energy, paintings and pictures should be hanged. Also, the walls must be painted in light colours like yellow, blue, white or green.

-          Living room essentials like T.V. should be placed in the Southeast direction, any cooling machines like Coolers or Airconditioners should be in the North or West direction.

5.      Vastu For Garden: Gardens are always incorporated in homes to keep nature close, and bring good vibes, fresh air and positivity. Certain tips for a Vastu-friendly garden are as follows:

-          The main lawns or the garden should advisably be in the East or North direction.

-          It is advisable to construct a focal point or a central attraction in a garden, whether a statue, fountain or anything else that radiates positivity.

-          Swings must be placed only in the East or North directions.


-          Plants placed in the garden should not be more than three feet tall.