Significance Of Vastu

Vastu Shastra originated in India thousands of years ago. It can be translated as the “science of architecture” and is an ancient Indian science of building a suitable structure. Vastu Shastra combines science, astronomy, astrology and art to make our lives peaceful and secure.

The best thing about vastu shastra is that it is based on scientific study and discoveries, and not on any assumptions or stories. It is thus reliable. Vastu Shastra helps in bringing out the good fortune that already exists in the stars for us. It does not change, ensuring permanence of good health and wealth if we adhere to it while building residences, commercial or industrial establishments or in daily life. Vastu can be applied to all kinds of enterprises and establishments.

It is generally difficult to find perfect balance between the five elements – earth, air, water, fire and space. However, vastu gives out guidelines on how to remain this balance in a lot of ways which ensures internal and external harmony in our lives.


Vastu is versatile as it can be used in micro as well as macro aspects of life, depending on which field it is being used in. Overall, it has a far and wide reach. It is the best way to ensure prosperity, harmony and health in any establishment.