Vastu In Daily Life

Planning day-to-day activities in line with vastu shastra helps in achieving the desired results and in maintaining harmony in life. Vastu in daily life is easy to follow and yields good outcomes by associating the five elements of the universe and their energies with simple things.

Vastu for Career: Career is one of the most important aspects in an individual’s life. Factors other than hard work and dedication also help to improve one’s career graph. Vastu gives certain principles to be followed which include directional and routine management, to improve the career via academics. Some of the principles are:

-          For students, the study table must be either in square or in rectangular shape. For professionals, the conference table must be rounded at the edges, not sharp.

-          If the office of a professional is residential, it should not be next to the bedroom.

-          The professional should sit facing North, on a chair with a high back.

-          Students’ tables should remain spick and span. One should study in a clean surrounding for best concentration.

-          A lamp should be kept on the south-east corner of the table.

-          The student should sit with his back to the wall, but at a distance.

-          The study table should be East or North facing.

Vastu for Health: Health is one of the major concerns in today’s world, with growing number of diseases and diseased people. Along with proper medical care, the surroundings and other aspects also affect the well-being of a person. Some vastu tips for health are as follows:

-          There shouldn’t be a staircase at the centre of the house, or it leads to health problems.

-          The kitchen of a house must be located in the zone of the fire element that is the south-east direction, to keep health issues away.

-            If an ill person is kept in a dull or dark room, it will further worsen his condition. Therefore, an ill person must always be kept in well-lit surroundings.

-          A crystal chandelier should be hung in the central part of the house, to energize the surroundings.

-          It is recommended that one should chant the Mahamritunjaya mantra 108 times every day. This helps improve the health of a person.

-          Sleeping with your head in the South also helps.

Vastu for Wealth: The vastu of the residences and workplaces of people attracts wealth. The vastu tips mentioned in the “Vastu for Residential Buildings” and “Vastu for Commercial Buildings” should be followed. In addition to that, here are a few more guidelines:

-          In the Northern portion of the house, you can hang a painting or picture of flourishing green forests or plains, or keep a money plant in a green vase to attract wealth.

-          The entrance of a residence plays a very crucial role in inviting wealth. It must be in the North direction, and kept very clean and pleasant.

-          Cleaning equipments like mops, brooms, etc., should never be kept close to the entrance of a house.

-          The kitchen must be where the fire element of the house is.

-          The colours of walls in the building should also be pleasant and inviting, not dark or dull.

-          The locker/safe and the workplace (if any) in the residence must be in the north to invite good money flow.

Vastu for Sleeping: A night’s sleep must be fulfilling and peaceful in order to function properly and actively during the day. Here are a few tips to help you sleep peacefully:

-          You must sleep with your head in the South direction, it provides the best chances for a sound sleep.

-          For students, it is recommended to sleep with their towards the East as it helps in increasing memory. In addition to that, it also brings financial gains and spiritualism.

-          A bedroom should advisably be painted in blue, green, pink or yellow colour.


-          Dark colours are suggested for pillows.