Ekādaśī  likewise spelled as Ekadasi, is a favorable day which happens twice in a Hindu schedule month. It is the eleventh lunar day (tithi) of each of the two lunar stage which happen in a Hindu calender month - the Shukla Paksha (time of the lighting up moon otherwise called waxing stage) and the Krishna Paksha (time of the blurring moon otherwise called melting away phase).


Ekādaśī Tithi, the eleventh lunar day (Shukla Ekādaśī) and also known as Hari Vasara because it is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, is a day of fasting and prayers for all Hindus


In Hinduism and Jainism it is viewed as a profoundly gainful day and is typically seen by an partial fast. Beans and grains are not eaten amid Ekādaśī, as on this day these two food are accepted to be defiled by wrongdoing. Just fruits, vegetables and drain items are eaten amid Ekādaśī. This time of abstention keeps running from dawn upon the arrival of Ekādaśī to dawn on the day taking after Ekādaśī.


Two Ekādaśīs happen in one month as indicated by places of the moon. The movement of the moon from full moon to new moon is separated into fifteen equivalent curves. Every curve measures one lunar day, called tithi: The time it takes the moon to cross that separation is the length of that lunar day. Ekādaśī alludes to the 11 tithi, or lunar day. The eleventh tithi in this way compares to an exact period of the waxing and melting away moon: In the brilliant portion of the lunar month, the moon will show up around 3/4 full on Ekādaśī, and oblivious portion of the lunar month, the moon will be around 3/4 dull on Ekādaśī.


There are 24 Ekādaśīs in a date-book year. At times there are two additional Ekādaśīs that happen in a lunar jump year. Each Ekādaśī day has specific advantages and endowments that one can achieve by the execution of particular exercises.


8              January                (Sunday)              Pausha Putrada Ekadashi


09           January                (Monday)            Gauna Pausha Putrada Ekadashi


Vaishnava Pausha Putrada Ekadashi


23           January                (Monday)            Shattila Ekadashi


07           February              (Tuesday)            Jaya Ekadashi


22           February              (Wednesday)    Vijaya Ekadashi


08           March   (Wednesday)    Amalaki Ekadashi


24           March   (Friday)                Papmochani Ekadashi


07           April       (Friday)                Kamada Ekadashi


22           April       (Saturday)           Varuthini Ekadashi


23           April       (Sunday)              Vaishnava Varuthini Ekadashi


06           May       (Saturday)           Mohini Ekadashi


22           May       (Monday)            Apara Ekadashi


05           June      (Monday)            Nirjala Ekadashi


20           June      (Tuesday)            Yogini Ekadashi


04           July        (Tuesday)            Devshayani Ekadashi


19           July        (Wednesday)    Kamika Ekadashi


20           July        (Thursday)          Gauna Kamika Ekadashi


Vaishnava Kamika Ekadashi


03           August  (Thursday)          Shravana Putrada Ekadashi


18           August  (Friday)                Aja Ekadashi


02           September         (Saturday)           Parsva Ekadashi


16           September         (Saturday)           Indira Ekadashi


01           October               (Sunday)              Papankusha Ekadashi


15           October               (Sunday)              Rama Ekadashi


31           October               (Tuesday)            Devutthana Ekadashi


14           November          (Tuesday)            Utpanna Ekadashi


30           November          (Thursday)          Mokshada Ekadashi


13           December           (Wednesday)    Saphala Ekadashi




29           December           (Friday)                Pausha Putrada Ekadashi