Here are some Unknown Facts about Hinduism, that you probably didn’t know! Read further to know about them:

  • Around 1 billion people follow Hinduism. That is about 14% of the world’s population.
  • Nepal has the most number of people following Hinduism even more than India.
  • The largest Hindu temple is not in India, but in Angkorwat, Cambodia.
  • Both male and female deities are worshipped with equal reverence in Hinduism due to the belief that God has no sex.
  • The only religion to believe in a circular rather than linear concept of time is Hinduism.
  • Hinduism has no single founder and no particular sacred text.
  • Hinduism has no concept of conversions. All the people following the faith have either willingly embraced it or acquired it by birth.
  • It was the first to be found and bring forth the institution of marriage.
  • The world’s most practiced form of spiritual and physical fitness procedure Yoga originated from Hinduism about 5000 years ago.
  • In Hindu cosmology, it is believed that the universe is created and destroyed in a cycle every 4.32 billion years which interestingly is very close to the current age of earth.
  • The holiest number for Hindus is 108, which is the ratio of the Sun’s distance from Earth.
  • Not to miss, Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world after Christianity and Islam.
  • The Varaha Avatar, in which Lord Vishnu takes the form of a boar and lifts up the earth to save it, clearly indicates our religion knew about the round shape of the earth way before it was discovered globally.
  • Antares, the 15th brightest star in the universe was named “Jeshtha” by our ancestors about 5000 years ago. Jeshtha stands for the ‘biggest’. It was later discovered that this star is indeed one of the biggest objects in the space, even bigger than the sun!
  • Most of the people are unaware of the fact that the Shaolin and Kung Fu martial arts were developed in India. They are a small part of Indian martial art called Kalaripayattu which Bodhi Dharman in 8th century taught to chinese monks for self defense.
  • It is believed that in Hanuman Chalisa the exact distance between Earth and Sun is mentioned.
  • Sanskrit is believed to be the oldest language and is also known to be the mother of all languages. Most of the english words are derived from Sanskrit like Trigonometry, Geometry, Brother, Mother etc.

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