Influence Of Planets

Planets have an undeniable influence on all life on Earth and over the fortunes of men and nations. For example everyone knows about the effects of the Moon upon Earth and Earthlings and it has strange influence over the mind.

It causes high and low tides also tidal waves, even at the deepest level of the ocean. The magnetism of the Moon is so strong that it pulls up thousands of tons of dead weight water causing it to raise some places as high as 100s of feet. Though it is a second smallest planet in our solar system and still we feel its influence so strongly.

Influence of Planets

The Magnetic Field of Moon

The science of Numerology differs from basic mathematics although it deals with numbers so much that it gives a quality, vibration, attribute and character to each number and links it to the whole manifest world as well as to the planets. This science helps to trace events and is capable of predicting future trends in the lives of individuals. It must be understood that Numerology does not have the power to completely change or erase the karmic fate but it does most certainly help the individual to overcome obstacles and difficulties and can aid in making ones business, career and personal relations run more smoothly.

It makes you aware of your potential and recognises the right time to take advantage of opportunities coming ones way. Opportunities do knock on everyone’s door and no one can claim that they never had a chance. Chances and opportunities come our way but we are seldom prepared for the choice or fail to recognise them and so loose out in life. Numerology teaches you what to expect when and for how long as nothing changes faster than time…….!!

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