Why Pre And Post Marriage Counseling Is Important?

During the wedding season, on an average 15,000 marriages get solemnized with a lot of pomp and show. Marriages are generally a gala happening, but I am sorry to say more than fifty percent of marriages loose their lustre in a year’s time. Many young couples are distraught within one month. The lustre fades away and they start repenting for the step they had so happily taken. The relation gets sour everyday. Wellwisher, relatives and friends start advising but their advise is taken as biased. The couple starts drifting away from each other and the gap gets wider and wider till it’s a time of no return. They feel their dreams; their aspirations – everything falls flat. Perhaps there was more than realistic expectation. Where things went wrong? Who could explain that? Had they taken pre-marriage counseling things might have happened on a different note.

Now is the need for post-marriage counseling to help the couple assess each other before they finally breakup and repent for the whole life dreading marriage as an institution.

What are generally the reasons of marital discord? No, there are no general reasons, as everybody is a unique person, with unique potentials and unique traits, so the counseling has to be individualistic. Everybody has his or her own, circumstances, weaknesses and strengths, so the counseling has to be addressed likewise.

The issue of marital discord has to be dealt on personal, physical, emotional and social level. A counselor has to be very sensitive to the needs of the couple’s relationship. He may very diligently lead the couple to realize their individual strengths as well as weakness, so that they may strengthen the amicable bond with each other. A sensitive counselor helps the disinterested and disoriented couple reach the state where they hope to get marital bliss.

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