Playing the role of a Mother, Daughter, Wife, Beloved and all the other significant roles, a woman in every sense proves to be an epitome of courage and bravery. She is responsible to be the backbone of the entire family and strengthen the bond between each and everyone associated with her. She works, she laughs, she plays, she travels, she cooks, she cleans – truly an all rounder. When you open your eyes there is a woman proud to bring a little bundle of joy in the beautiful world. Then as you grow up there is a woman to play and laugh with you, she is your lovely sister. You attain your teenage and there is a woman to teach you the wrong and rights of the world, she is your beloved teacher. Then you have a woman with whom you are ready to share your entire life, she is your wife, your beloved. So it’s pretty obvious you need a woman at each step you take in the journey of your life for love, care, companionship, friendship, concern and advise. She completes you in every possible sense.


Did you ever take out a minute out of your busy schedule to thank her? No right? Why? Because she is a woman. She is not doing a favour on you. She is just there to fulfil your commands, your orders and please you whenever you desire. She doesn’t have any rights and wishes and even if she has, she has to succumb to her destiny and live for her family members. She provokes you and should be punished if she desires to live her own life on her terms and conditions.

No. Please understand, She is also a human and loves you because she wants to, and not because you earn it or are anyway superior to her. As Amitabh Bachchan said in the movie Pink – when a girl says No, it means No. She is independent, strong and opinionated today. A woman is capable to achieve whatever she desires. From Kalpana Chawla to Aishwarya Rai, From Indra Nooyi to Chanda Kochar, from P.V Sindhu to Saina Nehwal, women have time and again proved their outstanding worth. They are no less than Men and are capable of shining on their own. So this International Women’s day, let’s salute our women for their unconditional love and dedication and their undeniable worth.

Happy International Women’s Day

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