How To Pray | How To Build Temples And Idols

According to the Agni Purana, A person who builds temples is blessed. Even if one merely thinks of building temples, the sins of a hundred lives are forgiven. A builder of a single temple goes to heaven (svarga). A builder… Continue Reading →

Significance Of The Number 108 | The Legend Behind It

Religions are often very closely connected to numbers in many ways. Numbers are important in many aspects, at times they are directly related to how we celebrate different festivals and in some cases how the religion practices, rituals revolve around… Continue Reading →

Let’s Uplift The Curtain From The ‘Dhruva Tara’ Story!

Have you ever wondered what is the story behind the Pole Star ‘Dhruva Tara’? Or why is it the most shining star in the sky? If yes, here is a short story about the Pole Star, ‘Dhruva Tara’ you should… Continue Reading →

Beware! Enormous Materialistic Means; Challenging God’s Supremacy

In this rat-race of the world, people are busy in competing and acquiring the top position. For the accomplishment of this goal, people resort to all sort of possible materialistic measures whether legal or illegal, right or wrong, fair or… Continue Reading →

Thakur Ban Gaye Shaligram : The Story of Holy Stone

ठाकुर बन गये शालिग्राम/Shaligram विष्णु भगवान यूँ तो कई नामों से जाने जाते हैं परंतु उनका वह नाम जो काफ़ी प्रचलित भी है और उनके भक्तों को प्रिय भी है वो है भक्तवत्सल. उन्हे यह नाम इसलिए भी मिला है… Continue Reading →

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