Have you ever wondered what is the story behind the Pole Star ‘Dhruva Tara’? Or why is it the most shining star in the sky? If yes, here is a short story about the Pole Star, ‘Dhruva Tara’ you should know.


Once there was a king called Uttanpada. He had two wives namely Sunity and Suruchi. Because Suruchi was very beautiful compared to Sunity, the king always favoured the prior. Aware of the fact that Sunity’s son Dhruva was the eldest, Suruchi demanded that his son Uttam should be made the next king. Thus, Uttanpada made Uttam his successor and ordered Sunity and Dhruva to leave the palace.

Both of them went deep in the woods and resided in a hut. Sunity preached Dhruva about Lord Vishnu’s principles. Once, Dhruva went to the palace and found Uttam sitting on his father’s lap. Seeing this, he also demanded the same but Suruchi stopped him and said ‘there is no place for you neither on your father’s lap nor in the palace’. Deeply saddened by this statement, Dhruva went back to his mother and asked to answer why wasn’t he allowed to sit? Her mother couldn’t provide with an answer. Disappointed Dhruva decided to live in the forest till he found his answer. He said ‘God will help him, who is everybody’s father and who has space for everyone’. Narad Muni warned him against the danger but Dhruva being determined to meet Lord Vishnu neglected all the difficulties. Moved by his courage, Narad guided and directed him on how to survive in the forest and instructed him to learn the mantra ‘Om Namo Bhagavathe’, to please Vishnu.

Dhruv and narad muni

After a few months, Vishnu was impressed by Dhruv’s dedication and breath-taking effort, thus decided to meet him. He blessed Dhruva with space not only on his father’s lap but also a permanent place in the sky after his death. When Uttanpada came to know about Dhruva’s struggle, he realized his mistake and decided to bring back Sunity and Dhruva to the palace.

Dhruva tara

Soon Dhruva was made the king. After ruling peacefully when Dhruva died, he became a star known as ‘Pole Star’ or ‘Dhruva Tara’. The specialty of the star is that it has a permanent place in the sky and all the stars and constellations move around it. Travellers look up to shining bright Dhruva Tara to find out their directions.


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