Mahalakshmi Temple: Residing Place Of Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess and is widely worshiped. She is the Goddess of wealth and worshipping her brings immense monetary gains. She is the consort of Lord Vishnu and is widely worshiped by those who wish to have… Continue Reading →

Five Elements of Vastu to Attract Growth, Prosperity & Success

The whole universe is comprised of Five Elements- Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky or Space. Our body is also made up of these five basic elements of nature. The five elements are related to our five senses of Smell, Taste,… Continue Reading →

13 Vastu Tips for Earning Money

Here is a list of 13 Vastu Tips for Earning Money which one can follow to please Lord Kuber (God of Wealth) and bring happiness in your life by stabilising your financial state. Vastu Tips for Earning Money: It is… Continue Reading →

14 Amazing Diwali Totke for Money

  1. घर के सभी दरवाज़ों पर आम के पत्ते अवश्य बाँधे और चंदन से शुभ लाभ तथा स्वास्तिक बनाना ना भूले. Tie mango leaves on every door of your house and do not forget to make Swasthik sign on… Continue Reading →

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