Parenting, sometimes could be one of the most challenging, stressful and rewarding jobs on this planet and there is no instruction manual on “how to parent”. Parenting being a subjective activity is influenced by many internal and external factors.

Here, this article lists Top 10 Parenting Mistakes, which deserve close scrutiny.

  • Scream Free Parenting:

    Parents need to learn how to relate to their kids in a calm, cool and connected way. ‘Scream Free Parenting’ initiates that loving yourself first is the only true way to be scream free because that’s how you can truly benefit your children without burdening them with the need to benefit you.
    Top 10 Parenting Mistakes

  • Moving beyond Punishment-Reward system:

    One basic need all children have is to be loved unconditionally; they need to know that they will be accepted even if they fall short. To build your parenting techniques on a reward and punishment system is to center your view of your child on conditional responses. They are inclined to accept themselves only with strings attached.
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  • Parent Talk- Choose your Words wisely:

    Recent research has found that our language primarily affects how a child’s mind develops and grows. Parents need to discourage authoritarian or lenient parenting. The best type needs to be fair, flexible, respectful, and has learning rather than submission as its goal. Multiple warnings, nagging might actually train your kids to ignore you.
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  • Loss of Creative Play:

    Today parents subject their children to many practices that are consuming the very foundation of childhood creative free play, this produces stress in children who lose the potential to play in a creative and imaginative way. The only thing left is to be entertained submissively in front of a television. It is through play that children at a very initial age connect and interact with the world around them.

  • “The Relationship” needs to be the Priority:

    Children need supervision and structure in order to grow into responsible, caring, and healthy adults. Yet so much of parenting has become preoccupied with getting obedience from children at whatever cost. Parents’ main focus needs to be building a loving relationship, which is unattainable if the adult is critically judgmental.

  • Criticizing their Mistakes:

    How a parent view his/her child’s mistakes has a direct impact on how they learn to view their own mistakes. The truth is that the children will make all of the big decisions in their lives on their own, as young and growing adults. So the parents’ task is not only to model how to make good decisions, but perhaps more importantly, how to counter and learn from poor or bad decisions.
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  • Loss of Unconditional Love:

    Kids need to be loved unconditionally- love beyond whatever mistakes or whatever circumstances may get in the way. Parents might tackle their children through various punishment and reward systems of controlling behavior. Apparently, they consider this as their responsibility. But what about setting a priority to be responsible to their children by loving them unconditionally?
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  • Approach to Eating:

    The fact is, despite the good intentions parents at times succumb to make their child’s eating worse. Any kind of coercion is the most objectionable parenting behavior. Even if the kids don’t want it, parents sometimes try to get the food down anyway.

  • Being Overprotective:

    Overprotective parents interfere at every stage in their child’s life. From filtering friends constantly to lack of privacy they do it all. Which not only question their judgment but burden them in the long run. Their kids might actually not want to take risks later in their life, which will result in jeopardizing their personal professional success.

  • Parents not being Parents:

    Seeking to be your child’s BFF can only lead to tolerance and choices made out of desperation because of the fear of losing their approval. That’s not love from a parent’s end, that’s need.
    Parenting Mistakes

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