Few years back, I read a quote on forgiveness in a fictional book, and that has stayed with me since then. It was ‘’forgiveness doesn’t make the person you forgive feel better, it makes YOU feel better”. I can bet upon a million dollars that this is one of the most accurate things I have come across so far.

One of the most evil thing, I believe, in this world is Ego. Had this world been not exposed to ego, people would have been happier and more liberated.  And consequently, unforgiving nature is a result of the ‘Evil Ego’.

We have always been living in this air of misconception that holding onto grudges against somebody is the best way to punish somebody. But the truth lies in the fact that if there is anybody who is getting punished, it’s only YOU! The most clichéd thing I have heard about forgiveness is that it depicts you as emotionally weak and vulnerable, when actually it is a sign of emotional strength that lets you be the bigger person and get over the wrong that someone did to you. When we are hurt or are a victim of somebody’s wrong deed, we can either choose the vindictive way which will make you lead a life full of resentment towards that person. Or we can choose the liberating way of forgiveness which will disburden us from our past. Resentment or liberation? If you do not choose liberation then you need help! And I am not even kidding!


If you think you can change a person or even make him/her feel  guilty for their wrong actions for that matter by holding grudges, you are mistaken my friend. Anger never changed anybody, only kindness did. And talking of guilt, that comes from within, which is from the conscience. So why to give the bitter side of yours a rent free place in your heart and mind to create hostility and animosity and ultimately burden yourself!  In this cruel and ruthless world, the least we can do is to be compassionate towards ourselves, let alone others. This is because forgiveness is LIBERATING. And you should forgive for yourself. (it’s okay to be selfish sometimes!)

Choose love and benevolence, even when it is rare and not deserved by others. Because it will make you grow as a human being and make people look up to you.


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